U. S. Energy Independence Day - July 10 Annually!

U. S. Energy Independence Day is July 10 every year, nationally. This also coincides with Global Energy Independence Day and the birthday of famed inventor, physicist, electrical engineer and futurist, Nikola Tesla. In fact, Tesla was born July 10, 1856.

And what better way to celebrate U. S. Energy Independence Day on a national scale than the birthdate of one of the most famous scientists involved in the development and distribution of electricity as we now know it?

But, U. S. Energy Independence Day is, aside from being a global phenomenon, a very American one as well. We, Americans are fiercely independent by nature. We believe in rugged individualism, freedom of all kinds, taking care of our own and personal and national responsibility.

In the year 2011, the U. S. Energy Information Administration estimates that America imported 45-percent of its petroleum from foreign countries. The same year, the U. S. imported 9.5 million short tons of coal from Colombia.

And in 2011, only 12.7-percent of the electricity in the U. S. was generated using renewable resources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric or geothermal.

The purpose of celebrating U. S. Energy Independence Day is to remind ourselves and others that America is too dependent upon foreign fossil fuels too much of which comes from hostile nations.

So, why not put up a badge or two as there are 12 badges shown below and link them to this website to show your visitors that you believe in celebrating U. S. Energy Independence Day? The more we get the word out, the more we and our children will breathe a little easier as the future unfolds.

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"I Pledge Allegiance to Energy Independence for the United States of America!"


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Facts about U. S. Energy Imports

Fact 1: The U. S. imports 13-percent of its crude oil from Venezuela.

Fact 2. The U. S. imports more coal from Colombia than any other country.

Fact 3: The U. S. imports approximately 45-percent of its oil from other countries.

Fact 4: The U. S. imports 11-percent of its oil from Saudi Arabia.

Fact 5: The U. S. imports 7-percent of its oil from Nigeria.


Youtube Vidoes

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Humless http://youtu.be/fBKbEV4S0vM








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